Your opportunities

Would you like to reduce the carbon footprint of your vehicle fleets?
Do you have biowaste or organic waste and want to use it to produce Bio-NGV?
We support you in your green mobility project.

Bio-NGV, a 100% renewable alternative fuel, is a local solution that is part of the development of the circular economy. It is produced from organic and bio-waste using the methanisation or anaerobic digestion process. 

It presents an improved carbon balance compared to traditional fuels and contributes to improving air quality for an equivalent driving range and comfort. Its development potential is therefore very important.

Our proposal

We support you in your green mobility project. 
We can also help you get involved in the production of Bio-NGV using your organic waste.

Your benefits

  • Improve your carbon footprint.
  • Reduce your fuel expenses.
  • Recycle your waste.
  • The expertise of Storengy and the subsidiaries of the ENGIE Group, which adapts to your needs.
Photo credit: GRDF / Grégory Brandel
Photo credit: Arnaud Février

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