Your opportunities

Do you have CO2 emissions and want to reduce your industrial site's carbon footprint?
Are you exposed to changes in carbon taxation?
We support you to turn your environmental restrictions into an opportunity.

Carbon dioxide can prove to be a resource to produce renewable gas to supply industry, transport and individuals. Industrial CO2 has the advantage of being present in industrial smoke in high concentrations, thus making it easier to use.

1 tonne of CO2 emitted is between €6/MWh* and €11/MWh** on top of the energy bill.
*Based on the CO2 EU ETS 2019 price
**Based on the French energy tax fixed at €44.6/tonne of CO2 in 2019

Our proposal

We propose studying the recovery and use of the CO2 emitted by your activity in order to produce a renewable gas for your direct consumption or for injection into the natural gas network.

Your benefits

Reduce your environmental footprint by reducing your direct CO2 emissions.

Reduce your energy bill by producing your renewable energy.

Storengy expertise at your service, adapting to your needs and providing advice.

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