Your opportunities

Does your industrial process produce hydrogen that you want to use?
We support you in the recovery of your hydrogen by developing a local and sustainable economy for industry and mobility.

Co-produced hydrogen has real value and can supply vehicle and industrial fleets, either in the form of hydrogen, or in the form of natural gas following a methanation process. 

With electric vehicles with fuel cells, 10 tonnes of hydrogen is 1 year of fuel for 200 commercial vehicles or 60 taxis or 5 buses or 20 forklift trucks.

Our proposal

We invite you to make your co-produced hydrogen a source of additional revenue or fuel for your fleet of vehicles. Together, we will develop an efficient and environmentally friendly hydrogen distribution project.

Your benefits

Generate extra income.

Get involved in the development of hydrogen mobility and sustainable land use. 

Storengy connects industrial and local actors in order to develop the use of hydrogen.

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