Your opportunities

Are you looking at greening your energy consumption while reducing heating and/or air conditioning costs for your buildings?
We support you in setting up a suitable geothermal solution.

6 reasons for choosing geothermal energy*:

  • A controlled energy bill: stable and reduced operating costs.
  • Setting an environmental example: geothermal energy means about 4 times fewer carbon emissions than electricity, 5 times fewer than natural gas and 7 times fewer than fuel oil to meet the same heating requirement.  
  • A local resource: continuously available in almost the whole territory.
  • An energy that can be adapted to your heating and cooling needs at a very competitive price.
  • An energy that blends perfectly into its environment. 
  • Sustainable tried-and-tested technologies.

    * (source ADEME)
Photo credit: ENGIE / Arnaud Février

Geothermal energy uses for buildings and industry: heating and air conditioning via a district heating or cooling system or by direct connection to the buildings.

Shallow geothermal energy
Building and eco-neighbourhood

Deep geothermal energy
Heating network

Our proposal

We invite you to get involved in the design, integration and implementation of a geothermal solution adapted to your needs. 

Your benefits

  • Reduce your environmental footprint.
  • Control your operating loads.
  • Storengy expertise at your service, adapting to your needs and providing advice for a tailor-made solution that is as close as possible to your projects.

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geothermal energy offer

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