Your opportunities

Do you want to recover the residual heat and cold* from your processes? We support you in the study of heat and cold storage solutions or in connection to district heating networks to supply industrial, service-sector or even residential buildings.

*Residual heat and cold: residual heat and cold produced by processes and not used

On average, 50% of this heat is lost. However, it can be used and is an economically and environmentally friendly tool for optimisation.

Our proposal

We propose studying the recovery of your unavoidable residual heat and cold by storing heat via a geothermal solution, for your administration buildings and production processes or by injecting this energy into nearby district heating networks.

Your benefits

Optimise your operating costs and save energy consumption.

Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Storengy’s expertise at your service, adapting to your needs and providing advice for a tailor-made solution that is as close as possible to your facilities.  

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